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Healthier Students and Happier Parents.

Partnerning with schools & colleges  to make students and staff more healthier and ready to learn.

Maximize Learn Time.

Reduce health related absences and boost your revenues by providing wide range of digital health services at your campus.


On average 90% of students will return to class feeling better and ready to learn

Schools have seen more than a 30% reduction in health related absences.

Healthcare access that's easy

A quick connection to the doctor allows them to share what’s wrong and get them feeling better soon. Hazel follows up with families, school staff and primary care physicians to ensure continuity of care for each student they see.


Making A Difference .

Schools and families using Hazel agree.Hazel employs properly licensed doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners to provide the care to students.

Keep your Students and staff healthy

See how JollyDoc can keep your students and staff healthy.




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